Who Are We

Formed in 2002 to serve the ABL examination outsourcing needs of middle market commercial lenders.
CBC Group LLC has earned its name as the most trustworthy ABL Services Firm.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing unequaled value in ABL Services to commercial leaders in a highly professional manner. We recognise our customer’s needs for professionalism in conduct of exams and timelines of submission of value added exam reports. We will pursue never ending improvement of our processes and services.

Our Vision

We envision being preferred and most trustworthy name in the genre of ABL examination services providing most diligent and high quality services that enable our clients to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our Values

Commitment: We believe in doing things with perfection and serve like a lifeline to our clients. Knowledge: Only the experienced and skilled staff is hired to address the needs of our clients. Challenge: We look forward to addressing the inherent complications in proposed transactions. Growth: Continuous learning and improvement is a way of life at CBC Group LLC. Trust: Trust of our clients and our community is our biggest reward.

Our Services

Our team of experienced professionals specialize in performing collateral monitoring exams including survey exams, pre-loan exams, special investigations and cash flow analysis.

We have been serving the needs of middle market companies proactively. Our specialization in providing due diligence services to major banks and financial institutions makes us their preferred partner whenever they need to identify areas or concerns of potential risk, calculate that risk accurately and provide recommendations on pre- loan surveys, collateral monitoring examinations, pre-funding engagements, portfolio acquisition and forensic examination of troubled loans. We have significant work experience and expertise in various sectors including Agriculture, Airline, Apparel, Consumer Products, Distribution, Retail, Hi- Tech Manufacturing, Financial Services and much more.

  • A complete and all inclusive traditional collateral field examinations which will also include services like calculating and recommending standard A/R and inventory ineligibles, computing A/R dilution and turnover days for A/R , inventory and A/P.
  • Consumer finance field examinations is another specialized service we offer.
  • Account receivable confirmations and documenting A/R , sales, and A/P concentrations.
  • Advanced services for accounts receivable aging analysis and ineligible calculation.

Our Clients

Our client list vouches for our commitment and diligence. This ever increasing number signifies that we perform approximately 500 collateral field exams per year for leading commercial lending institutions. Our clients include:


Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals specialize in performing collateral
monitoring exams including survey exams, pre-loan exams,
special investigations and cash flow analysis.

Sunil Puri
Managing Director
Dallas, Texas, USA

Sunil brings over thirty years of public accounting/ auditing and ABL experience. Prior to joining CBC Group, Sunil was managing the Dallas based practice of a leading ABL services firm. Sunil has in-depth experience in performing pre-loans survey and collateral monitoring examinations for most of the leading commercial lenders in the country.

Devinder Chaudhary
Managing Director
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Devinder has extensive experience in performing ABL exams and has managed numerous examinations for various lenders. He has been working closely with a number of other commercial lenders. He has in excess of twenty five years of experience in the field of public accounting/auditing and ABL examinations. Devinder holds professional accounting certifications in USA, Canada, and India.


Job Title: Credit Analyst

Job Description: Engage in financial field examinations on loan or credit applications submitted by corporations that are seeking loans, lines of credit, or re-negotiations of existing loans or lines of credit, from commercial lenders, finance companies or banks; Evaluate and appraise the quality, character and accuracy of equity asset portfolios, financial liquidity, profitability, solvency, loan histories and capital structure of corporate loan or credit line applicants, including the assets of any secondary financial guarantors, by applying complex academic principles of economics, quantitative financial and statistical analysis, ratio analysis, risk accuracy and asset-based lending (ABL); When directed, apply principals of forensic accounting and auditing in order to identify questionable financial operational claims or assertions that serve to raise red flags as to an applicant’s bona fide financial liquidity, as well as the financial representations made in the loan or credit line application; Engage in ratio, trend and cash flow analysis of corporate loan applicants through a comprehensive review of their bank statements, tax returns, financial statements, balance sheets, business and customer credit bureaus and security and legal documents;  Utilize previous credit ratings and public research tools to independently corroborate and verify financial representations made by loan or credit line applicants regarding revenue claims, accounting method, clientele and industry recognition;  Prepare field exam reports outlining recommendations on whether a loan or credit line should be approved, or why an application should be denied due to failure to satisfy various financial risk tolerance factors; Provide field exam report to direct report for review; Respond to queries raised by direct report on how the Credit Analyst’s financial analysis was applied to reach a financial risk assessment conclusion; Analyze and assess the liquidity of collateral presented to lender clients by their current and potential customers and prepare predictive statistical reports for the lender to utilize in the preparation of collateralization agreements; Engage in quarterly collateral monitoring and notify lender if a collateral liquidation or transfer occurs or a claim of title is raised that would constitute a breach of the collateralization loan agreement; Perform stated duties utilizing various financial software programs (MS Excel, MATLAB, SAS, FISCAL and QlikView); Conduct pre-loan financial surveys of financial institutions in order to identify areas of financial concern to incorporate in future field examinations; Communicate with lenders to ensure that loan and credit decisions are legal, non-discriminatory and made in compliance with applicable banking and loan regulations.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration. Paid travel to various unanticipated client assignments within the U.S. is required.

Apply by e-mailing resume and cover letter to [email protected].  Please reference the job position in the subject line.

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